Compare South Carolina Workers Compensation Quotes

If you are a business owner in South Carolina, workers compensation may be a fact of life. But you may be able to reduce or control costs. Not sure if your subcontractors qualify as employees? Wondering if you rates are higher than necessary?  At Tidwell, your business insurance agent will be sure your risk and history are properly assessed, and help you design a risk management and loss control program for the future. 

Is Workers Compensation Required?

You are required to provide workers compensation coverage in South Carolina if you regularly employ four or more workers in this state, whether full or part time. There are exclusions, however, and your Tidwell insurance agent can help to determine if you fall into one of these categories, and see that your quotes accurately reflect your situation.

A workers compensation policy will help protect those workers financially in the event of an accident or injury on the job, and help them to obtain medical treatment and compensation for lost wages while they recover. Workers comp will also provide coverage for an ongoing disability, should an injury have long-term or permanent health consequences. High-quality workers compensation coverage is not only required, but it is also an excellent part of an overall risk management strategy. This policy can help to protect your business assets in the event of employee claims due to accidents or injuries.

Workers Comp and Liability Coverage

Protecting your workers while protecting your business assets is an excellent risk management strategy. While workers compensation covers the expenses related to on-the-job accidents and injuries, your liability coverage protects your company from the risk of an expensive lawsuit when an accident results in an injury to someone outside of your company. For example, if a company manufactured a cleaning agent that resulted in a severe injury to someone who used your product, your liability coverage would help you in the event that a legal claim ensued.

The type of business liability insurance, and the amount of coverage that makes sense for your business, depend upon a number of factors:

  • The types of products and services you provide
  • Whether you provide consulting or advising services
  • Whether you are a builder or trade contractor

The knowledgeable agents at Tidwell Agency can meet with you to discuss your needs and concerns and help you to compare rates on workers compensation coverage. As independent agents, we represent multiple insurance companies. This means we can tailor a policy to your specific needs and risks.

Contact our Lexington, SC, agency today for help with workers compensation and other commercial insurance needs, or request a free quote.