Compare Contractors Insurance Quotes

Lexington and Columbia, South Carolina

Home contractors, builders and remodelers face risks each time they walk onto a construction job site. Plumbers, electricians and HVAC professionals have their own special job hazards that are unique to their trades as well. For this reason, employers and contractors need coverage such as liability and workers compensation to protect themselves and their workforce.

How to compare contractors insurance quotes and coverage? Rely on a trusted agent to see you have the right coverage at a reasonable cost. At Tidwell Agency of Lexington, SC, we are here to listen to your needs and concerns and share our knowledge with you regarding all commercial insurance and bond topics. We will work with you to help you make the best possible decisions regarding your contractors insurance and ensure that you and your workers have the appropriate amount of coverage for your needs.

Certificates and Contractor Bonds, Fast Service from Agents who Know Your Business

As an artisan contractor, you need to produce certificates of insurance and  construction bonds in order to enter contracts with their clients. When you need a surety bond, performance bond or other documentation to support your bid, we provide the speedy service you need to be competitive..

Contractor Insurance Solutions Tailored to Your Business

No two contracting businesses are the same. The coverage you receive must be customized to your workforce, the risks you and your employees face, and the possible liability claims that can occur in your specific line of work. The particular coverage that makes sense for your business may include:

  • Construction bonds, performance bonds and/or surety bonds
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • General liability
  • Umbrella liability
  • Workers compensation

For more information on contractor insurance requirements here in South Carolina, as well as personal assistance, quotes and recommendations, contact our Lexington, SC, insurance office through our convenient online form, or call us directly anytime at 803-359-1304. We look forward to helping you with your commercial insurance needs.