Planning Your Vacation? Don’t Forget Camper Insurance!

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Summer is the perfect time for vacations and road trips. If you’re one of the estimated 8.2 million families that own a recreational vehicle, chances are that you’re planning to hit the road this summer, enjoying some of the nation’s best scenery and campgrounds.

Campers can be a great way to travel, but they do come with a few quirks. According to a 2012 article, the majority of Camper Insurance claims fall into one of two categories: Inexperienced Drivers and “I Forgot.” Here is an explanation of each, and how you can prevent either one from ruining your vacation!

Inexperienced Drivers

Driving with an RV is different than driving any other type of vehicle. But just how different is something that most RV owners learn from experience, often after a costly mistake. There is no special licensing required for recreational vehicles, but if you’re a new RV owner, there are ways to help you safely get comfortable on the road.

Learn everything you can about how to drive your camper. Talk with your RV dealer about best practices and regulations, and ask if there are any RV Safety Courses available in your area. Practice driving before you embark on a trip, and make sure that you know how tall your camper is, what space you need to make a turn, and how fast your camper can accelerate or stop when necessary.

“I Forgot”

As drivers become more skilled at maneuvering their campers, common claims typically change from rookie mistakes to oversight. “I Forgot” claims include things like forgetting to secure the awning or to unhook the utilities before pulling out of a campsite. Each time you hit the road, make sure to check – and double-check – your camper to be sure that you are ready to go.

Securing Your RV Investment

Whether you’re a new RV owner, an old pro, or somewhere in between, protecting your investment gives you the assurance you need to fully enjoy your vacation this summer. Camper Insurance provides coverage for motorhomes, camping trailers, and even the contents they carry, protecting you against loss if and when mistakes and accidents do happen.

The knowledgeable staff at Tidwell Agency Insurance are ready to help you find the policy you need. Call or stop by our Lexington office before you hit the road. We want to help you enjoy a safe, fun summer in your camper!

Source: Claims Journal, “Driver Inexperience, Forgetfulness Drive RV First Party Claims” Denise Johnson, August 29, 2012;

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