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Safe Driving Essentials for Teens

Auto accidents are the leading cause of death among Americans aged 15 – 19, according to the Centers for Disease Control. If you have a teen driver in your household, you know that for this reason insurers charge higher rates for teens than for any other group. In fact, according to the

Planning Your Vacation? Don’t Forget Camper Insurance!

Summer is the perfect time for vacations and road trips. If you're one of the estimated 8.2 million families that own a recreational vehicle, chances are that you're planning to hit the road this summer, enjoying some of the nation's best scenery and campgrounds.Campers can be a great way to

Security system discounts on home insurance policies

In the current financial climate wouldn't you welcome the opportunity to reduce your expenditure, make your home safer and add value to your property? Very few people would say NO!Well, if you had certain security features added to your home you could benefit from a home insurance discount. Most

Prepare for the Storm: Hurricane Season Begins June 1st

South Carolina has not endured a single federally-declared disaster since 2007; we are the only state with a clean record. With the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season beginning on June 1, however, only time will tell how long our streak will last. In times like these, forgetting the danger of natural

When the Waters Rise, Make Sure You’re Protected!

They say that when it rains, it pours, and with flooding, the adage is true. No more than a just a few inches of water can cause major destruction to your home or business. Flood insurance is not typically covered in the standard South Carolina homeowner's or business insurance policy. Are you aware