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Does Your Company Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

After a summer of hackers on Yahoo!, DropBox, eHarmony and LinkedIn, consumers were racked by pre-holiday 2013 hacking of retailers like Target and Macy’s. These events exposed the private information of millions of users and consumers of these services and stores. Liability for losing employee or

Group Health and Life Insurance is Beneficial for Employers and Employees

Offering group health and life insurance benefits to employees is optional for most employers. But these benefits do serve a very critical purpose for most employees and can mean the difference between a healthy, dynamic workforce and a workforce that is unhealthy and disengaged. Businesses need to

What will the Affordable Care Act Of 2014 Mean for Employee Benefit Plans?

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act mandated a number of changes to health coverage here in the United States. The intent is to provide benefits for an increasing number of people at a more affordable price. There will be changes for both employees and employers in coverage offered through employee