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Finding the Right Product Liability Coverage

Building a successful business takes hard work. Protecting your business and its future is one of the highest priorities for any successful owner. For manufacturing companies, product liability risks can be some of the most expensive business claims. That is why it is so imperative to find the right

Insurance Solutions for Your Contracting Business

Although no two businesses are exactly alike, this statement rings true especially for contractors, which include an extensive variety of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. That's why you're not interested in a one-size-fits-all insurance policy. Some of the common contractor

Insurance Considerations for Home-Based Businesses and Home Offices

Individuals who run a home-based business or work out of their home full- or even part-time may be surprised to learn that their insurance coverage for their business property and liability is limited. In fact, if you are relying on your home insurance policy, you are likely to have limited, if any,

Do You Need General Liability, Professional Liability, or Both?

If you have a business that provides certain types of services to clients, it may not be a question of whether you need general liability insurance or professional liability insurance. You might need both. General liability insurance and professional liability insurance protect a business from

What You Need to Know about Contractors Insurance

Contractors need to have business insurance in order to secure ongoing projects. In some states, it is not required by law, but business owners and homeowners are reluctant to hire contractors without coverage. General liability coverage will cover your contracting business for injuries or damage