Back to School Insurance Review

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August is a busy, crazy month for most parents. Not only are you frantically trying to prepare your child or children for the upcoming school year, but you are also adjusting to the yearly transition. It’s important to take a little time during the back to school rush to keep safety in mind.

An adult or responsible older teenager should always help young children on their way to school. If your son or daughter is old enough to make the trip alone, be sure they are wearing bright clothing and that helmets are used if bicycles or scooters are their mode of transportation. Accidents involving children happen much more commonly on the way to or way home from school than any other time.

Today’s school children bring with them more than just pencils and crayons to class. Your son or daughter most likely brings a cell phone, laptop or tablet, or maybe even all three, with them to class every day. Did you know your homeowner’s insurance policy can cover these electronic devices, even if they leave the home? Be sure to take time before school starts to review your home insurance policy. You may or may not have such coverage, and if not – you may want to shop around for an insurance provider willing to offer it.

If your teen is off to college this year, most standard home insurance policies do cover the belongings they take with them to the dorms. Some insurance carriers charge a considerable increase for this type of coverage, while others may cover the property at no additional expense.

While conducting your back to school home insurance review, ask the following questions:

Has your living situation changed?

  • Do you have a new teen driver?
  • Do you have any children who will be going away to college?
  • Are any of your children starting a new activity that requires expensive equipment, or could potentially cause an injury?
  • Will you be hosting any school-sponsored activities within your home?

The answers may change your insurance needs. Our agents can help you through this review process. We will identify your insurance needs changes, suggest coverage options, and locate you a number of quotes from a variety of insurance companies ensuring you’ll find the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Contact us to find out how your insurance policy can be back to school ready.

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